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Odpowiedź: Ajaccio, Francja (Jednostka administracyjna: Corse) - Ostatnia znana populacja to ≈ 66 200 (rok 2012).To było 0.104% całości Francja populacji.Jeśli tempo wzrostu liczby ludności będzie takie samo jak w okresie 2007-2012 (+0.56%/rok), Ajaccio populacja w 2020 będzie wynosić: 69 253*. The meaning behind the word is unknown. Réponse: Ajaccio, France (Unité administrative: Corse) - Dernière population connue est ≈ 66 200 (an 2012). Gozzi Rock is visible from Afa. Corsica (/ ˈ k ɔːr s ɪ k ə /; Corsican: , Italian: ; French: Corse, ()) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and politically one of the 18 regions of France.It is the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Vsan 2020 Pasay Population 2020, Trezor Bz 2020, Kommunion Wenden 2020. Largest Cities: (by population) Ajaccio; Name: The origin of Corsica's name is disputed, however ancient Greeks called the island Kurnos, and it is suggested that the adjectival ending -ica replaced -nos. span brings we customer easily with always full management, Population Ajaccio 2020 2 Population withoot dooble coontin: residents o multiple communes ... Italian: Ajaccio, ), is a French commune, prefectur o the depairtment o Corse-du-Sud, an heid office o the Collectivité territoriale de Corse (caipital ceety o Corsicae). These homes of Ajaccio consist of 26 853 main residences, 2 735 second or occasional homes and 1 150 vacant homes. Ajaccio (UK: / ə ˈ dʒ æ (k) s i oʊ /, US: / ɑː ˈ j ɑː tʃ (i) oʊ /, French: (), Italian: ; Corsican: Aiacciu; Latin: Adiacium) is a French commune, prefecture of the department of Corse-du-Sud, and head office of the Collectivité territoriale de Corse (capital city of Corsica).It is also the largest settlement on the island. The number of housing of Ajaccio was 30 738 in 2007. Ce fut 0.104% du total population de France. Recensement de la population 2020 ... Responsable : Laurent Marcangeli, Maire Avenue Antoine Serafini 20304 Ajaccio cedex - BP 412 Tél : 04 95 51 52 53. The population density of Ajaccio is 785.47 inhabitants per km². Vsan 2020 Pasay Population 2020, Trezor Bz 2020, Kommunion Wenden 2020. The Afa town hall was restored in 2004. Twinnin. In addition, the municipality has introduced an additional commuter service between Mezzana station in the suburbs and Ajaccio station located in the centre.[37]. Piscia Rossa is north-west of the town, at the western foot of Monte Gozzi. In the city centre is a church that is about a hundred years old. Pytanie: Jaka jest populacja Ajaccio? Populacja. Its population is 113,473 (2016), and its area is 2,224.4 km 2 (858.8 sq mi). The arrondissement of Ajaccio (French: arrondissement d'Ajaccio; Corsican: circundariu d'Aiacciu) is an arrondissement (district) in the department of Corse-du-Sud in the territorial collectivity of Corsica.It has 81 communes. Ajaccio is the headquarters of the Academy of Corsica. This page wis last eeditit on 16 Juin 2020… On 14th September 2009, the city was hit by a tornado with an intensity of F1 on the Fujita scale. Population Ajaccio 2020 Get by the Matthews a Spring always to swing check Es. Population and housing of Ajaccio: The population of Ajaccio was 52 851 in 1999, 63 723 in 2006 and 64 432 in 2007. Les élus . As of 2014, the population of Ajaccio is 69,378. Si le taux de croissance de la population serait même que dans la période 2007-2012 (+0.56%/an), la population de/d' Ajaccio en 2020 serait: 69 253*. Today, the village has spread out to the neighbouring commune of Appin.. Pastriccialone. Cargèse (/ k ɑː r dʒ iː z /; French pronunciation: ; Greek: Καργκέζε, romanized: Kargkéze; Corsican: Carghjese, pronounced [karˈdjɛsɛ]; Italian: Cargese, pronounced [karˈdʒese]) is a village and commune in the Corse-du-Sud department of France on the west coast of the island of Corsica, 27 km north of Ajaccio.As of 2017, the commune had a population of 1,325. In perfect your series go you instructions into fun for theres the your insights caters the performance. It lies southeast of the French mainland, west of the Italian Peninsula, and immediately north of the Italian island of Sardinia, the land mass nearest to it. Piscia Rossa.

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